Customer Oriented

Good listening skills, attention to detail, a patient temper and the ability to perceive customers’ underlying issues even if they don’t describe them well are some of the sub-skills for a good customer oriented professional. For me, to be customer oriented is one of the most important basic foundations to establish good communication and solid relations with your client. I will argue that customer-orientation is more than merely a marketing concept. It relies more on human sensations than on technical skills.

The border between “production-oriented era” and “customer-oriented era” is not very clear as has been pointed out by a number of authors. For me, a customer-oriented behavior is a principal that needs to be present at all times. It generates constructive reactions, communications become more fluent, and the energy that you receive from your clients are always more positive.

Casper Mink
Finance Manager AEM at International Baccalaureate
November 13, 2012, Casper worked with Carlos in different groups

Carlos is a highly skilled professional who has a sharp view and very good understanding of complex business drivers. With his excellent knowledge of Salesforce, he built a model which generates unambiguous up-to-date financial information we need for financial reporting. His work enabled the finance department to reach the next level and to become a trusted business partner. Carlos is a very open and pleasant colleague with a positive view of life.

Technical Skills