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Since I was a kid I’ve been extremely passionate about fixing and finding logical ways to built and solve problems, mostly technical related. This is probably why I decided to study Electronics Engineering in the first place. I truly believe that one of the things I enjoy the most in my profession is the adrenaline coming out from the challenges ahead of me, pushing my limits to new boundaries. The sensation of accomplishment coming from a job well-done is without any doubts an important part of the engine that keeps me doing what I love the most, a great satisfaction.

Hi, my name is Carlos Naranjo and I’m a creative and innovative Certified Salesforce Specialist, welcome to my site.

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Triggers – Send email after deleting a record.

Triggers – Send email after deleting a record.

Triggers – Helping to catch duplicates

Triggers – Helping to catch duplicates

Dynamic Account Search

Dynamic Account Search

You got to love them, Maps ..

You got to love them, Maps ..

Wrapper Class

Wrapper Class





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Trigger Handler to rule ALL!
Trigger Handler I want to share my ideas on this subject because it looks like there are plenty of ...

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Thomas Döhler | VP Engineering at Typeform

Carlos is a highly professional individual. Self-motivated, very detailed, somebody you just can rely on. I've enjoyed working with Carlos and can only recommend him.

Reto Schibli | CEO – Salesforce Expert

I have been collaborating with Carlos on a CRM project for the last 12 months and know him as a fast learner, creative thinker, pragmatic project manager and excellent communicator.

John Nicolls | Assistant Director

I worked with Carlos to improve our invitation system and database for our 1000 volunteer teachers. His work has made a significant improvement to the working of our department.

Casper Mink | Finance Manager AEM at International Baccalaureate

Carlos is a highly skilled professional who has a sharp view and very good understanding of complex business drivers. With his excellent knowledge of Salesforce he built a model which generates unambiguous up-to-date financial information we need for financial reporting.

Richard Hendry | Executive Director at Eduscapers

Carlos is a highly skilled information systems coordinator and has made a valuable contribution to the organization. His positive and conscientious approach to his work has endeared himself to his colleagues and his proactive style ensures that issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

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  • Contact me on the detail given below or go to the contact me page.

  • Phone: +31 634 831 173
  • Email: carlos.naranjo@ccloudonline.nl
  • Website: http://ccloudonline.nl
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