Aborting Apex Jobs

THere is a way to abort Apex Jobs that can be easily acomplish from the developer console.
If you open an anonymous window in your developer console you can use the following SOQL.

* Running this SOQL in an anonymous window will get information about all
* active apex jobs in your org.
List<CronTrigger> crontList =
      [SELECT CreatedById, CreatedDate,
         CronExpression, CronJobDetailId, EndTime,Id,
             LastModifiedById,NextFireTime, OwnerId, PreviousFireTime,
                  StartTime, State, TimesTriggered FROM CronTrigger];


CronTrigger “Contains schedule information for a scheduled job”.
Get the Id of the job you want to abort and execute this line on an anonymous window.

// This line will abort the first entry on the crontList.
// You need to make sure you have the right job id.



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