Populating a inner List in a Map collection

A simple way to populate a list that inside a map collection could be done like this.
You can run that piece of code in your developer console.

*    Populating a List inside a Map collection

List<Account> acclist = [SELECT Id, Name,
                            (SELECT Id, lastName FROM Contacts)
                                FROM Account LIMIT 50];

// This map will be contain the list of contacts as values and the
// account ids as key.
Map<Id,List<Contact>> accConMap = new Map<Id,List<Contact>();

     for(account acc : acclist)
      List<Contact> innerList = new List<Contact>();
      for(contact c: acc.contacts)

        accConMap.put(acc.id, innerList); 


// accConMap.put(acc.Id, innerList) will insert key and values to our map

As you can see it is quite simple.
All you need to do is to iterate over the accounts an add all related contacts to a list.
This list will be added to our map together with the AccountId which will be the key in our map.

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  • Hari Prakash

    We can do even in simpler way like below .

    Map<Id,List> accConMap = new Map<Id,List>();
    for(account acc : acclist) {
    accConMap.put(acc.id, acc.contacts);

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