Populating a inner List in a Map collection

A simple way to populate a list that inside a map collection could be done like this.
You can run that piece of code in your developer console.

[code lang=”php”] /********************************************************************** * * Populating a List inside a Map collection * ************************************************************************/ List<Account> acclist = [SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT Id, lastName FROM Contacts) FROM Account LIMIT 50]; // This map will be contain the list of contacts as values and the // account ids as key. Map<Id,List<Contact>> accConMap = new Map<Id,List<Contact>(); for(account acc : acclist) { List<Contact> innerList = new List<Contact>(); for(contact c: acc.contacts) innerList.add(c); accConMap.put(acc.id, innerList); } // accConMap.put(acc.Id, innerList) will insert key and values to our map // [/code]

As you can see it is quite simple.
All you need to do is to iterate over the accounts an add all related contacts to a list.
This list will be added to our map together with the AccountId which will be the key in our map.

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  • Hari Prakash

    We can do even in simpler way like below .

    Map<Id,List> accConMap = new Map<Id,List>();
    for(account acc : acclist) {
    accConMap.put(acc.id, acc.contacts);

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